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Bankruptcy Lawyer In East Atlantic Beach

4 Key Things to Look for in a Bankruptcy Attorney Near Me in Nassau County

Does it seem like no matter how much you try, you just can’t keep up with your expenses? Are you receiving aggressive phone calls from creditors around the clock and having a hard time making ends meet? If so, setting up a consultation with a bankruptcy attorney near me might be in your best interest. If you’re located in East Atlantic Beach, NY, get in touch with Richard S. Feinsilver, Esq. For more than three decades, Rich has been providing the residents and business owners of East Atlantic Beach, NY with the support they need to improve their financial situation. A seasoned bankruptcy lawyer, Rich has represented more than 7,500 clients in their Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings and has provided successful results for each and every case. Don’t let your finances keep dragging you down; get in touch with the law firm that the Nassau County community trusts most when they’re looking for a bankruptcy lawyer near me: Richard S. Feinsilver, Esq.

4 Key Features to Look for in a East Atlantic Beach, NY Bankruptcy Attorney Near Me

Whether you’ve recently lost your job, you have serious medical debt, your car or home has been damaged and requires costly repairs, or you’ve accumulated a lot of credit card debt; whatever the case may be, if you’re having a hard time financially, you might be thinking about researching bankruptcy law firms near me. It’s a common misconception that filing for bankruptcy is a bad thing, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. For many East Atlantic Beach, NY residents, and business owners who are facing financial struggle, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is actually one the best ways to overcome hardship and get back on track.

If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, seeking the guidance of an experienced attorney is highly recommended. There are plenty of lawyers who practice bankruptcy law in Nassau County; just Google “bankruptcy attorney near me,” “Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers near me”, or another similar search and you’ll get a long list of results to sift through. But like any professional you work with, you want to make sure that you choose the best bankruptcy lawyer. To help you find a reputable professional that you can rely on to deliver successful results, here are four important things to look for when you’re looking for a bankruptcy attorney near me.

Experience in Bankruptcy Law

Legally, any licensed attorney can represent a bankruptcy filing; however, if you want the smoothest experience and the best results possible, then you’re going to want to make sure that you hire someone who has extensive experience in bankruptcy law. You wouldn’t go to a foot doctor to treat a condition with your heart, so why would you seek the counsel of a lawyer who doesn’t have a background in bankruptcy?

The laws that govern bankruptcy are complex and can be difficult for even the most seasoned attorney to navigate if they aren’t well-versed in the rules that apply to this particular type of law. When you’re researching attorneys, make sure to find out what their background is, how long they’ve been practicing, how much of their practice is dedicated to bankruptcy, and how many cases they have filed. You should also find out what type of cases they have filed; if you’re planning on filing for Chapter 13, for example, you want to be sure that the lawyer you choose has experience with this type of bankruptcy.

A Good Disposition

Bankruptcy can be a long, drawn-out, and sometimes emotional process. You’ll be sharing intimate information with your attorney and you will be working very closely with one another. As such, it’s important that you choose a bankruptcy lawyer that has a good disposition. The process will be a lot easier when you feel comfortable with the attorney you’re working with.

During your consultation, make sure that you pay attention to each attorney’s personality and how they interact with you and their colleagues. If it seems as if they are brash, rushed, stand-offish, uncaring, or just plain rude, you’ll want to keep on looking. The last thing you want to do is to hire someone who makes you feel uncomfortable to help you with your legal affairs.

Fair Prices

For many people, the fees a law firm charges are one of the most important factors that is used to determine which bankruptcy lawyer they should hire. You’re already having a difficult time with your finances, so paying exorbitant fees for a service that is supposed to help you overcome those hardships just doesn’t make sense. 

A reputable Nassau County bankruptcy lawyer will understand your hardships and will charge reasonable rates for their counsel. Be sure to ask prospective attorneys what their rates are, as well as how they expect to be paid and what services their fees include. Most law firms charge a reasonable flat fee that includes a variety of services. Do note, however, that price shouldn’t be the deciding factor. While it might be tempting to choose a bankruptcy lawyer whose rates are low, there’s a chance that they might cut corners and not give your case the attention it requires. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Availability and Communication

You want to work with an attorney who will be available when you need them and who communicates clearly. Find out how many cases a prospective lawyer will be working on and how they ensure that each case receives the attention it deserves. For example, will paralegals be working on your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and if so, which aspects of your case they will be working on and which elements the attorney will be handling. You’ll also want to ensure that the lawyer you choose will quickly respond to any inquiries that you may have, that they’re clear and concise, and that they thoroughly explain important details in a way that you can understand.

A reputable East Atlantic Beach, NY bankruptcy lawyer will offer several modes of contact (phone, email, text, etc.) and will respond quickly to your inquiries. Test out their contact methods after your consultation; for example, give them a call or send an email and see how long it takes to receive a response. Additionally, a good attorney will explain complicated legal jargon in a way that’s easy to comprehend. If it takes a long time to receive a response or if you feel more confused after your consultation than you were before you met with an attorney, you should probably keep on looking.

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During your search for a bankruptcy attorney near me, make sure you contact East Atlantic Beach, NY’s most trusted law firm: Richard S. Feinsilver, Esq. With more than 30 years of experience and a proven track record of success, Rich takes a customized approach to bankruptcy law and will provide your case with the attention it deserves, just like he’s done for more than 7,500 Nassau County residents and business owners. To schedule your appointment for a free consultation, call 855-334-6529 or visit today!